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Based on a passion for photography and a love of cars, the idea for Canadian Show Car was born.

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Canadian Show Car is a project that was brought to life late in the Fall of 2018 by Maximum Aperture Digital Media Productions, which combines a passion for photography with a love of vehicles. After shooting a number of car show events in the summer of 2018, Maximum Aperture DMP thought it would be a great idea to create a project focused on the custom car/truck/bike scene in Canada, starting out with the Ottawa/Carleton area, and potentially expanding across our great nation!

The concept is really quite simple... Search out all the great custom car/truck/bike builders in Canada - starting out with local builders, and expanding outwards - meeting up with them to "document" their vehicle story, history, and potentially, future plans for the vehicle. Take a series of photos for a static article, shoot an interview video with some juicy B-Roll "car-porn" footage and post the featured content on the Canadian Show Car, or Maximum Aperture DMP YouTube channel, and post the static photos and articles on the Canadian Show Car website.

Other featured content would be highlighting some of the custom shops, like restoration shops, custom manufacturing shops, modification and accessory shops, and more! Basically, everything and anything that has to do with building a custom ride - whether it's an antique, classic, retro, muscle, modern, exotic - it doesn't matter! Car, Truck, Bike, old or new! If it's an exciting vehicle with an interesting history, and cool build story, we want to hear from you today! This site is dedicated to bringing the show car community together, to hear and share old stories and new stories alike. The intention is to shoot/document at least one featured vehicle a week, and at least one featured shop a month, and maybe have some voting to see who has the most exciting, interesting build of the month, and potentially a build of the year!

We also have a discussion forum to discuss all things related to the car scene in Canada.

If this sounds like an exciting idea to you, be sure to sign up and become an active member of our forums, subscribe to our newsletter, and enjoy being part of the Canadian Show Car community!


Jeff Stone
Canadian Show Car Creator


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