Event Name: Race the Runway 2020
Event Repeats: Every Summer
Hosted by: CANCELLED
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Posted on RacetheRunway.com March 16, 2020

RaceTheRunwaysmallMarch 16, 2020: Organizers of Race the Runway (RTR) announce that RTR will not take place at Smiths Falls – Montague Russ Beach Airport in 2020.

Citing safety and liability concerns, the Board of Directors of the Smiths Falls Flying Club, the group responsible for the operations and management of the Smiths Russ Beach Airport, has voted to block this year’s event from taking place. This despite a flawless safety record over the past eight years that the event has been held. The organizers of the RTR event, an independent not-for-profit corporation, hope to continue to work with the SFFC, and the owners of the airport, (the Town of Smiths Falls and the Township of Montague) to resolve concerns and allow for the resumption of RTR in 2021. We appreciate the extensive efforts of all event stakeholders and the substantial support from many members of the SFFC, the Town of Smiths Falls and Montague Township in support of RtR.

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