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Well, thanks to COVID-19, last year was pretty much a complete write-off for car shows basically anywhere on the planet, with Ottawa being no exception. With that being said, I was still able to get a few one-on-one private car shoots last summer (respecting social distancing) so at least it wasn't a total disappointment. There were a few small car club events that hosted a couple of meet-ups for rallies, other special events like "Drive-bys" for birthdays, retirement homes and more - but there were some downsides to last summer as well. Some enthusiasts were handed out fines for meeting in parking lots, others fined for posting events on their Facebook page,,,


For many of us car enthusiasts though, it certainly has been a very taxing, frustrating, and some might even say depressing past summer, to say the least. We all miss the social gatherings in the midst of the smell of metal and rubber (and exhaust fumes) of all the cars, trucks, and motorcycles (and other unique rides!) and the interaction and communication with other car enthusiasts.

Hopefully, by this summer (2021), we will see fewer COVID-19 restrictions and maybe even be able to attend/see some actual car show events this year. In the meantime, I have been acquiring some new gear that I am pretty excited to put to use this summer - particularly a new DJI Mavic Air 2 drone (licensed pilot now as well), a new Sony a7s iii, a used Sony PXW-FS5 Pro Cinema camera, and some cool gear coming from Tilta soon!