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Hey Guys and Gals! Thanks for stopping by and checking out this project! Photo Store is now Officially Open!!

I just wanted to let you all know I have officially launched my photo store!

I'd been working my butt off all last week and weekend long trying to get some minor issues with the store sorted out. I had been doing all kinds of testing and making sure everything is working the way it should in terms of discounts and coupon codes, and the actual checkout process.

Bulk Purchase Discounts! Member Discounts!

Right now, until 11:59:59pm December 31st 2019, I have bulk purchase discounts on all digital image purchases.

Wait? Bulk Purchase Discounts you say?

Yes! Essentially, you will have bigger savings with the more you spend:

  • If your cart totals $50-100 = get 10% off your entire purchase
  • If your cart totals $100-$150 = get 15% off your entire purchase
  • If your cart totals $150-$200 = get 20% off your entire purchase
  • And if your cart totals $200 or more = get 25% off your entire purchase!!

But wait... there's more!! I am also considering monthly Paid Membership discount levels - Basic Members get 10% off every order, and other exclusive perks, and VIP Members get 15% off every order as well as exclusive perks and more. This is still in the works, and not sure if it will come into effect.

$10 Off, $25 Off Coupons! 25% Off, 50% Off Coupons!

I will also occaisionally release random coupon codes through my Canadian Show Car Newsletter, but you have to be subscribed to my newsletter to get them! (Plus you'll also get news on upcoming events, cool featured rides, and other interesting news from the site!

Galleries and Store

gallery exampleI will basically be adding photos from various events and private shoots that are in the galleries to the store bit by bit, so I will not always have everything from every show I have covered in the store. If you are looking through the galleries, look for a little shopping cart icon in the bottom right corner of each image (see detail image), if there is a cart icon, that image is avaiable for sale. That being said, if you see a photo you like in one of the galleries, but there is no cart icon, and you want to buy a digital copy of that image, make a note of the 6DMKII-XXXX number

Digital image products will be available in 3 sizes and downloadable immediately after confirmed purchase:

  • $10.00 -> 1280x720px 16:9 ratio at 72 dpi (gallery photos are 800x450px at 72 dpi)
  • $15.00 -> 2560x1440px 16:9 ratio at 150 dpi
  • $25.00 -> 6240x3510px 16:9 ratio at 300 dpi

I will also be adding some Watercolour versions of original photos taken at various events in high res 6240x3510px 16:9 ratio (or 6240x4160px 3:2 ratio) 300 dpi and will start at $50 - I may also offer a "canvas" print version - let me know if you would be interested in purchasing an actual printed version, or just the digital download file.

Stay tuned for more updates!